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Why DTV?

Digital is a new format for TV broadcasting which has clearer images and better sound. A digital television is one that can receive and display the new format. The best way to describe the picture quality difference between analog (older format televisions) and digital is that of VCR compared to DVD.

Why are TV stations switching to all-digital?

All-digital is a much better way of transmitting a television signal. You no longer have to deal with a fuzzy picture or distorted sound. With analog broadcast, the further you are away from the television station’s antenna, the worse your picture will be. With digital broadcast, you get a perfect signal or no signal at all.

In addition, the switch to all-digital broadcasting will free up parts of the broadcast spectrum for public safety communications. Some of the spectrum will be auctioned to wireless companies for the provision of advanced commercial wireless services (such as wireless broadband).

The new technology also allows more options for consumers than the outdated analog system. Broadcasters will be able to provide a super sharp “high definition” (HD) program or multiple “standard definition” (SD) digital programs at the same time. Providing several simultaneous programs on one broadcast channel is called multicasting. This means more choices of free programming for viewers. Also, digital television can provide interactive video and data services that are not possible with analog technology.


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