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  Annual 6 Month 3 Month Monthly
Part # 791: Showtime/TMC/Flix/Sundance $149.99 $78.74 $41.25 $15.00

G5-24 Showtime East
G0-15 Showtime West
F3-17 TMC East
G0-18 TMC West
C3 -101 Showtime East*
C3 -102 Showtime 2 East*
C3 -103 Showtime Showcase East*
C3 -104 Showtime Extreme East*
C3 -105 Showtime Beyond East*
C3 -125 Showtime Next East*
C3 -126 Showtime Family Zone East*
C3 -127 Showtime Women East*
GO-101 Showtime West*
GO-102 Showtime 2 West*
GO-103 Showtime Showcase West*
GO-104 Showtime Extreme West*
GO-105 Showtime Beyond West*
GO-120 Showtime West (HD feed)**
GO-125 Showtime Next West*
GO-126 Showtime Family Zone West*
GO-127 Showtime Women West*
C3 -117 Sundance Channel East*
GO -117 Sundance Channel West*


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