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American Satellite, Inc. is an Audio/Video Sales, Installation, Repair and Service company that services The state of Indiana, and surrounding states. We offer reliable and professional service in your home or office for any Audio, Video, Cell Phone and Security needs including:

Contact American Satellite Inc. today for a consultation for your office or home entertainment, media and security surveillance needs. We can custom design and provide sales and installation for a home theater or entertainment system based on your needs, wants, power, budget and space planning. We offer competitive pricing and service to all counties of Indiana and surrounding states.





SMATV/MATV stands for Satellite/Master Antenna Television, a system which allows many houses, motels, hotels, schools, rest house,retirement villages, hospitals or other multi-unit buildings to distribute VHF/UHF, IF and FM signals to a number of receivers. In order to accomplish this without a loss of signal quality, these systems must be carefully planned and engineered through the effective use of SMATV/MATV equipment and techniques.


The SMATV/MATV System consists of:

  • HEAD END  ( master antena, signal processing components,distribution amplifier)
  • DISTRIBUTION NETWORK ( professional grade cabling and distribution components such as tap splitters)

A SMATV/MATV system can also combine a variety of video media sources at a “head-end” facility and distribute the signal in the entire network. Video media sources could be provided by the VHF/UHF antenna, satellite dishes, VCR, DVD, PPV TV Systems, broadband connections or any other AV device.


CATV Systems and MDU (Community antenna TV and multiple dwelling unit systems.)

Total Connections Auckland provides MDU installation and engineering solutions.Designed to compete directly against standard cable & mini dishTV systems, our MDU systems provide tenants,commercial buildings,property management companies, hotels and resorts, an affordable long-term solution.

The CATV system must be operated/administrated by the property manager/owner.

Please contact us for any information you may need. We can give you useful advice and free quotes .

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