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Satellite TV Dish & System Installation Services
Due to the potential complexity of mounting and aiming your satellite dish and configuring the satellite receiver and television, East Coast TV & Satellite Sales strongly recommends that you choose professional satellite dish and system installation. After mounting and aiming the satellite dish, the technician will run a cable from the dish to your existing cable wire, install your new satellite receiver, configure your system, and then leave you in peace to surf hundreds of crystal clear digital channels via satellite!  Contact us today to schedule your satellite dish installation.


Plasma / Flat Screen LCD TVs & Monitors Installation & Wall Mounting
We provide installation and wall mounting of large flat screen televisions such as Plasma and LCD TVís. Finally you can increase your room size by getting rid of that huge wall cabinet. These days the last thing anybody needs is for rooms to get even smaller than they already are with big old style TVs and cabinet.



HD TV, Cell Phone, AM/FM or HD Radio Antenna, Booster & Repeater Installation


  • HD local antenna installation
  • AM/FM antenna installation
  • Satellite radio antenna installation
  • Cell Phone Signal Booster Repeaters & Antenna Installation

Custom Surround Sound Installation
We have an extensive list of home audio solutions to accomodate any design for your whole home audio system.




Security Camera Installation
Custom surveillance security camera installation your for home, workplace or outdoors. We will custom design, installing wiring and equipment to best fit your needs.


removal3.jpgRemoval or Repair

We offer custom removal or repair for LCDís, plasmaís, satellite, or home theater






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