DISH 625/522The DISH Player-DVR 625 has two tuners support two televisions providing the unique ability to record two shows simultaneously while watching a third recorded program. In addition, you can view separate programming on two televisions.

• Independently watch and record programming on two TVs
• Convenient On-Screen Caller ID with history2
• Record up to 100 hours of standard definition3
• On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with easy access to program listings and information for up to 9 days
• Two satellite tuners allow you to select from two viewing options
o Single Mode: Picture-In-Picture (PIP) available on any TV
o Dual Mode: View separate programming on 2 televisions
For more information on DISH Player-DVR 625, click here :: Product Brochure PDF

VIP211The VIP622 DVR™ is cutting-edge TV

and high-definition receiver that supports

  two TVs. It’s another example of DISH Network

setting the standard for better TV.

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