Cinespeed ™ panel LCD sets provide the lightning fast (8 ms or less) response time required by the most demanding

home theater enthusiasts.

PixelPure™ Hi-Bit Digital Video Processing means a smooth transition from dark parts of the picture to light, with over

4,000 steps, for significantly more natural images.

Wide 176o Viewing Angle means everyone in the room can enjoy the show.

Built-in Upconverting DVD Player increases the convenience and decreases the clutter with a simple, slot loaded, full

function DVD built directly into the set.

SRS® WOW™ greatly improves audio performance with improved fidelity and wider "sweet spot" for the listener.

HDMI™ Digital Input provides uncompressed digital video and digital audio in one convenient cable for connection

from home theater components.

37" (measured diagonally)



 New 16:9 Cinespeed™ Panel with Response Time of 8ms or Less

 PixelPure™ Hi-Bit Digital Video Processing

 Built-in Upconverting DVD Player

 Wide 176o Viewing Angle


 SRS® WOW™ (3D, TruBass®, FOCUS®)



 ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Television Tuner

 HDMI™ Digital Input

 PC Input (15 Pin, D-Sub)

 4-Item Glow Universal Remote1







REGZA Premium LCD Hi Speed Cinespeed™ Panel - These LCD panels

offer faster response times (8ms or less).

Hi-Speed PixelPure™ Hi-Bit Digital Video Processing - using 12-bit

picture processing (up to 14 bit internally), can create 4096 steps of

gradation (steps between the whitest white, to the blackest black), and will

also incorporate improvements in areas such as: real speed progressive

scanning, video noise reduction, sharpness, and gamma control to set a new

standard for picture quality.

Wide 176o Viewing Angle - Off axis viewing is maximized to allow everyone

in the room to enjoy the show.

Built-in DVD Player - For the ultimate in convenience, this has eliminated

the clutter and confusion of a separate DVD player. Just simply slip a movie

into the slot-loaded player, and the TV does the rest; switching inputs, and

starts playing.


StableSound® - reduces unwanted volume fluctuations (eg. during

commercials) by keeping volume within set levels, for easier listening.

SRS®WOW™ (3D, TruBass®, FOCUS®) - Greatly improves audio

performance with improved fidelity and wider "sweet spot" for the listener.


ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuner - Allows tuning of off-air, and unscrambled HD

cable channels for increased flexibility.

PC Input (15 Pin D-Sub) - For use as a computer monitor for added


HDMI™ Digital Input - includes both uncompressed digital video and digital

audio in one convenient cable for connections from today's best home

theater components.

4-Item Glow Universal Remote - This universal remote will operate a home

theater system and is fully backlit for ease of operation at night.

New Improved Black Cabinetry - For the best look, even when the set is

turned off, Toshiba has designed a new, black cabinet with integrated bottom


THINC™ RJ-45 Network Capability - Allows access, through an existing

home network, to a library of JPEG and MP3 files using only the TV’s remote

control, even through a connected home theater; also allows for email

access. VIDEO


Panel 1366 x 768

Display 720p

Brightness 400 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio 1000:1

Viewing Angle 176°



TheaterWide® Modes 5

Screen Freeze X


CD Player VCD/MP3/CD-R*/RW

Comb Filter 3D Y/C

Real Digital Picture X

DNR 480i/480p/720p/1080i

MPEG DNR 480i/480p/720p/1080i

Cross Color Suppression X

Chroma Bug Correction X

Dot Cross Color Reduction X

Cinema Mode 480i (ATSC)

Game Mode X

Audio SRS® WOW™

Dolby Digital® X

Audio Output 20 Watts

On Timer X

Sleep Timer X

Picture Modes X

Channel Return X

Channel Browser™ X

Trilingual OSD X

Closed Caption X

JPEG Viewer X

MP3 Player X

Integrated Stand X

Remote CT-90259

Audio Video Input 2

ColorStream® HD Input 2

S-Video Input 1

HDMI™ Digital Input 1

PC Input 1

RF Input X

Audio Video Output 1

Digital Audio Output Optical


RJ-45 Ethernet X

Cabinet Color Black/Silver

Cabinet w/o stand (inches) (WHD) 36.09 x 25.06 x 4.81

Cabinet w/stand (inches) (WHD) 36.09 x 27.11 x 11.82

Weight w/o stand (lb) 51.82

Carton (inches) (WHD)(inches) 40.07 x 30.26 x 15.13

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1In some cases, the remote control may not operate additional devices or

certain features of such devices, in which case, it is suggested that you use

the original remote control for the applicable device.

*CD-R/CD-RW discs recorded by the CD-DA method and DVD-R discs

recorded by DVD Video method can be played back. Some CD-R/CD-RW

discs and some DVD-R discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and

disc design. WMA, MP3 and JPEG discs may be incompatible due to different

recording format or condition of disc.